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Zechs’s mask shatters throughout the excessive struggle.

Zechs’s mask shatters throughout the excessive struggle.

Zechs’ close friend Treize meant to apply their clout to avoid him after detheling with your court martial towards sparing their adversary’s lifestyle and also fixing their Wing Gundam.

Nevertheless the Lightening Count had been forced inside destroy countless Alliance cellphone meets throughout the struggle he had beenn’t designed to escape. To the end associated with the struggle, Zechs’ mask shattered, signaling the termination of their friendship at Treize plus union and OZ. This person flew out as well as is in the course of time used simply by Sweeper user plus Tallgeese-designer Mike Howard additionally the Alliance that is former engineer his Tallgeese. Howard recommended Zechs is going towards room that Zechs did. That he withstood two brand new mobile phone meets, their Mercurius plus the Vayete, piloted by just Heero then Trowa, correspondingly plus introduced him self toward aircraft pilots simply by their authentic title, Milliardo Peacecraft, goodwill ambassador through the Sanc Kingdom.

Following preserving woman Une as part of struggle being informed through colonial leaders during the a gathering themselves and embracing OZ, Zechs donned his mask once again and begans destroying OZ mobile doll carriers in space using Howard’s Peacemillion as his base that they were going to avoid war by arming. This person shortly found that ounce ended up being intending to destroy each Wing that is confiscated Gundam and also battled among countless mobile phone dolls earlier self-detonating their critically damaged Tallgeese as well as leaping in to the Wing absolutely no. Then he disposed the rest of the cellphone dolls plus manned device. Just after their short encounter having your mad Chang Wufei that refused their phone for an alliance, Zechs accepted your distressing information in which Relena is dissolving each newly resurrected Sanc Kingdom plus surrendering by by herself into the Romefeller Foundation.

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